Aug 4, 2003
everything you want me to be is not what i am

Why is the heavens seperated from the earth and hell?...What we know as the mortal realm is finished,...which brings me to a poem ive recently made in hatred and agony of living another minute..."Why is there a me? Why can i no longer see? If self servetude helps my way...thats why i die in dismay...dismembered and screwed, living a life long fued" I am nothing and will continue to be a nothing, you are everything, thats all you'll ever be though, everything he wanted and everything you needed, nothing i could hold for a minute more, hatred and pain stayed within even more. I loved you and will continue on...nothing you can do will make it wrong...The first i've loved and the last i've lived, now im nothing, with nothing but pain, agony, and my hatred for myself...i promised you i wouldnt kill myself and my word is all i have left.

Posted at 05:20 am by hatred
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i hate you all

deadly deceit, forever to bleed, rotting away, you'll pay each day, I hate you all...well hello boys and girls welcome to my nothing... i hope you hate it because you all suck my d***...hope you suffer alot with horrid dreams tinging your peaceful rests of night napping...on a lighter note, my girlfriend cheated on me and i've lost my will to live, if you wish to kill me...go for it, no one will care, no one will notice, and mostly i wont be missed... its an epiphany of mine, the tagent lines in life swirvings your lips as you speak, choose wisely and love what you can, as Shakespear once said "parting is such sweet sorrow" and with that i leave you to do as you wish.

Posted at 05:00 am by hatred
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i dont like you one bit at all and you should be hurt.....alot

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